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Update : March 19, 2002

We will have a Comic Attack Booth on March 20-23, 2002 in Don Bosco Makati, 8am-1pm
Your favorite Comic Attack Artist will be there.


Do you wanna learn how to draw and perfect your Western/Manga style comic art?
Wanna be a successful comic strip artist like Lyndon Gregorio (Beerkada) or Ariel Atienza (Class)? 
Or learn from Western/ Anime-Manga Artist  Ryan Orosco?

Then join COMIC ATTACK! Summer 2002 Workshop! Courses are :
Comic Strip Creation and Western/Manga Comics Illustration.

Workshop dates are from April 9 to May 31, 2002, 
to be held in Don Bosco Technical Institute, Makati City.

The Comic Attack! Summer 2002 workshop is intended to accomplish the following objectives:   
    - to train participants interesting in learning and/or improving their drawing skills and techniques, particularly
 in comic strips and Western/Anime-Manga comic art; 

    - to form a community of like-minded individuals with close bonds developed during the workshop; and,
    - to create a pool of artists as a talent source for Artizen's future projects.

 Participants are limited to 20 per class to ensure close supervision and mentoring during the course of the workshop. 

Classes will be held in facilities provided by Don Bosco Technical Institute Makati City. 

    Participants will get the chance to know each other and share ideas longer the workshop has concluded. 
The end of the workshop will be highlighted by an exhibit which will showcase what the participants have learned.    
    Artizens also intend to develop more workshops will continue the comic illustration series of courses. 
The group plans to publish source books based on materials generated from the workshops. 

Successful graduates of the workshop will also be considered as resources for Artizens' future projects

1st 50 enrolees will get FREE books and original comic merchandise.
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