Blitzworx is a comic drawing organization started by Emmanuel Javier on the 15th of March, year 2000. It acts as a stepping stone for young artists who are aspiring to become professionals some day. This summer of 2002, Blitzworx is going to release a new line of comics that will revive the comic industry in Philippines. Years has passed since its creation, Blitzworx has evolved into something more than an amateur comic drawing group. Blitzworx has spread its roots into new beginnings. Blitzworx true meaning lies in the artworks itself. Basically, Blitzworx is a fusion of two major comic art forms which has co-existed but never collaborated in a single book. Blitzworx is the ultimate combination of the ever-so-popular Japanese animation or Anime and the world famous western comics like Marvel and D.C. I know Some might say that Blitzworx can't create something more original, like true Pilipino art but Blitzworx accepts the fact that it is using styles from the different corners of the globe. Most artists agree that creating something truly original these days is almost an impossibility. Most concepts and style have already been used up; today comics are just recycling past ideas with a few changes it becomes something more. What Blitzworx is truly saying is that new stories that immerge in the present somewhat resembles something in the past therefore why not make use of two popular styles and make it something Pilipino? The Philippines has a lot of potential future professional artists out there, Blitzworx is just trying to guide these people to the right way, into greatness and not let talent go to waste in some dead end job. If you're trying to make money why not do it with a job that you like to do? Blitzworx does use both styles but after careful thinking, we decided to go with the western comics approach to job distribution. Blitzworx still has some people training hard to catch up to the expectation of the current market. It's one thing to publish, but having the right to publish in another. Jun and Emmanuel with the other members are trying to get their next book published before the year ends. As I was saying, there are 5 fields or jobs in creating comics, the two most important people is the Artist and the writer which creates most of the book. The rest are the back up like the Inker, colorist and letter artist. Of course the Philippines is filled with people who have tremendous talent in these fields, it's time to flush them out in the open. Blitzworx lets you choose your destiny and gives you a map to your dreams. Currently Blitzworx acts as four groups rolled into one, a comic drawing organization which trains aspiring artists (Blitzrookies) a comic organization which organizes various events like contests, seminars, conventions and cosplays (Blitzworx Comic Organization) a freelance artist studio (Zero_Cool Studios) that represents artists in contests, submissions and applications and finally Blitzworx comix entertainment which main goal is to create comics. Other Blitzworx info are classified, you have to be an official member to find out.

Emmanuel Javier Editor-in-chief