Blitzrookies Comic Art Training Sessions





HEY! Do you want to learn how to create a comic book on your own? Do you want to know basics of drawing, writing, inking, lettering and coloring comics? We can teach you how for free!

Blitzworx Comix Entertainment presentsBlitzrookies Comic Art training sessions. We will conduct art sessions every Saturday 1:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon at Brash Young Cinema inside S&L Building at the corner of Esteban and Dela Rosa in Makati.

Why are we making these art sessions?

Well let me put it this way, unbeknownst to us we’d go this far to be a few more steps to publishing our own book, we started Blitzworx three years ago to make our art skills grow. We helped each other out and we created a great learning environment for ourselves with no pressure whatsoever. Years later, after acquiring more than 50 members, we go back to our roots and decide to help a new generation of artists to grow out of our teachings. At first I wasn’t up to it, but after careful thought, a talk with a friend and a memory of Gilbert Monsanto’s teachings, I’ve decided to give things a go. People always say that we’re lucky to start going for our dream at so young an age, well we’re ready to spread that luck around. All the incoming students should remember this line “We can promise you will learn from our lessons but we can’t that you will improve, because the change for the better is a choice only you can make.” I got that from our teacher Gilbert Monsanto, I wanted the students to know that line because we can do everything in our power to teach but if don’t want to change or learn, we can’t force you.

Why for FREE?

It’s not that we don’t need the money or we’re in for the great publicity, we (the instructors) don’t find any satisfaction in teaching or helping others for money. And let’s be honest, money is a hard thing to come by these days. We can assure you that the lessons won’t suffer because of the lack of funds. It never really entered my mind to teach for the almighty buck even though Whilce’s training program charged us (because of the rent of the place, that’s Megamall man and some other reason) it was well worth it. It has succeeded in its main goal to unleash the hidden talent of some of today’s top-notch international artists. Not that we are comparing our teachings with great Whilce and master Gilbert’s own teachings, well I’m just saying behind it all, help others to be better is still the no.1 priority we have in teaching.