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Workshop Objective: To teach participants the advanced techniques of comic illustration using two different styles.

 Workshop Outline & Description: An basic module for professionals and non professionals with little experience in comic illustration. The comprises technical lectures, demonstrations, and critiques of student work.. Upon completion of the Workshop, a student can expect to have a thorough understanding of the basics of comics illustration. These includes proper and consistent exposure and development. Handouts are provided. Students are required to have illustration board pre-cut (11x17), sketch pad, drawing pencils and inking materials.




1.       Basic Human Head

-Basic human proportions and structure

-Short cut techniques

a.        Cross-pattern

b.        Templates (for checking)

            -Side view and other angles 

2.       Body

-Drawing the torso, arm and legs

-Templating short cuts

a.         Male structure

b.        Female structure

c.         Exaggerating the form 

3.       Action Poses

-Shortening for poses 

4.       Backgrounds


5.       Making A Scene

-Putting characters in the background

-Cropping the scenes

-Important scene angles/shots 

6.       Layouting

-Story telling


-Panel composition

-Panel breakdown

-Establishing shots 

7.       Finalization

-Blue pencilling

-Tight pencilling


     The Art of Inking 

     Tools for inking most artists use 

      Line Composition

a.       Thick and Thin

b.      Thick and thin for flat dead lines


     Developing your Style

     -Introduction to different known art style

     -Anime/manga style                       

     -Western art style 

     Developing your style using your own medium

 Materials Needed: 

-clutch pencil (for professionals)


-ruling materials

-for inking:    tech pens (.1, .3, .5)

                      hunt artist pen (.105)

                      drawing pens- disposable/felt tips (.1, .3, .5)

                      marker (black) speedball ink; Chinese brush

-Bristol board (11 x 17)-standard size for comic illustration